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Documentary "Known Unto God" follows the brave deeds of one Z Special unit operative whose remains seemed lost forever. His remarkable story is a tribute to the brave and selfless volunteers of Z Special unit

It is early in the morning on the 1st of July 1942 and the high speed POW “hell ship” MONTEVIDEO MARU is chased into the South China Sea by American submarine USS STURGEON.

Just when the POW’s thought it could not get any worse they were “liberated” from their hell ships when allied submarines sank their floating prisons. They found themselves facing death in another unforgiving environment - the ocean. First hand eyewitness accounts from 9 survivors over 2 fascinating hours. Not only did they survive – they kept their sanity and sense of humour

A 42 minute in depth interview with an eloquent gentleman injected with typical Aussie humor

Australian and American veterans who survived the events in Rabaul during the Pacific War tell first hand of their incredible experiences.

The DVD of The Fall of Rabaul and Kavieng is now available to purchase.

A gripping special of intrigue, heoism and tragedy. More powerful than fiction because it actually happened.

An outstanding docu-drama which relives the true story of a humble Australian bushman who sets out to solve the mystery of the Stinson airliner... and succeeds.

"Terrific! A superb piece... captures the true spirit of a man who faced misfortune and turned it to his advantage and to the advantage of all those who met him. SO INSPIRING THAT EVERYONE SHOULD SEE IT!"

The Rainforests of Australia - isolated for 25 million years, protects its own unique fauna. The Mystery Bird of Australia - The Primitive Rufous

An enthralling flight with the men and women of Australia’s aviation past and the spirit they share with the space pioneers of today