Known Unto God


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ычвы      The year is 1945. A massive American seaplane-bomber is shot down close to 
a large island held by the Japanese, in the final stages of the Pacific War. 
Several members of the young American crew of 13 escaped the island and 
raised the alarm.

 ввGeneral Douglas MacArthur then asked Australia to send in a small team of special 
operatives code named  Z Special Unit in an attempt to save the remaining air 
crew who were being hunted down by the enemy and slaughtered one by one. 

уThe rescue group included 20-year-old Aussie Surf Life-Saver and Special Operative John ’Spike’ 
Whitworth. John disappeared and his remains seemed lost forever. KNOWN UNTO GOD 
culminatesin a surprise revelation 60 years after Spike disappeared. Produced by former 
Australian Surf Lifesaver Producer John Schindler it is a tribute to all fallen and to those brave 
souls whose remains to this day lie in graves marked KNOWN UNTO GOD.  

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