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DVD Known Unto God

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          The year is 1945. A massive American seaplane-bomber is shot down close to a large island held by the Japanese, in the final
 stages of the Pacific War. 
           Several members of the young American crew of 13 escaped the island and raised the alarm.
 General Douglas MacArthur then requested Australia to send in an elite group, secretly code-named Z Special Unit, 
which included 20-year-old Aussie Life-Saver and Special Operative John ‘Spike’ Whitworth. 
Their purpose was to implement a rescue attempt to save the remaining air crew–unaware the crew were being hunted down 
by the enemy and slaughtered, one by one. Thus Known Unto God and its poignant title are fully vindicated in this incredible 
true-story of mateship, courage and sacrifice, which culminates in a surprise event 60 years after Spike disappeared. 
It not only excited former Australian Life-Saver/Producer John Schindler, viewers around the world will be equally enthralled 
by its suspense and up-front honesty, laced with compassion!  
If ever a group of men from the Pacific War qualified for the title “unsung heroes” it would be the men of Z Special unit. 
Their countless acts of bravery are rarely told. 
Many were killed and lie in graves with headstones inscribed KNOWN UNTO GOD.
Our documentary follows the brave deeds of one Z Special unit operative whose remains seemed lost forever. 
His remarkable story is a tribute to the brave and selfless volunteers of Z Special unit.  
This sad and yet wonderful story is intended as a tribute to all those brave men whose remains to this day lie in unmarked graves. 

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