The Moth loves Doodie

 "Terrific! A superb piece... captures the true spirit of a man who faced misfortune and turned it to his advantage and to the advantage of all those who met him. SO INSPIRING THAT EVERYONE SHOULD SEE IT!"

Tony Koch, Courier-Mail.

Winner: Best Documentary - Angel Citi Film Festival, 2000, Hollywood

Winner: Spirit Award - Santa Clarita Film Festival, Los Angeles


At the age of 19, likeable larrikin and promising rugby league footballer, Ched Towns was suddently told he was going to go blind. Ched just couldn’t accept the future without sight, and became a very angry and frustrated young man.

After a bizarre and unsuccessful bee-sting treatment in England Ched found how to reach deep within himself... and he liked what he found - the courage to accept life’s hard knocks. Ched couldn’t do anything about going blind, but he could change everything about his attitude to being blind.

documentary_Moth_img2Anger turned to energy, and with the love and support of his best mate ’Doodie’ (his pet name for wife Judy), son Kane and daughter Carlie, Ched lived more adventures than most sighted people.

In the first month of the new century, in training to acheive a long held dream - to be the first blind man to conquer the world’s highest mountain Everest - Ched Towns lost his life.
The emotional roller-coaster ride that was the life of Ched Towns is captured in this unique portrait filmed over 2 years. An intimate insight into a tight knit family and the man at its centre is a moving, inspirational adventure that will reward you with a positive feeling about life.

Duration: 52 min

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