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DVD Miracle of the Mountains

MIRACLE OF THE MOUNTAINS  60th Commemoration Edition  

Extended version - New footage added!

An outstanding docu-drama which relives the true story of a humble Australian bushman who sets out to solve the mystery of the Stinson airliner... and succeeds.
This is the awe inspiring true story of the resourcefulness, courage and endurance of Australian mountain man, Bernard O’Reilly.
Working on no more than a bushman’s intuition, O’Reilly battled for days over miles of dense and seemingly impenetrable rainforest; across ranges so treacherous that a single slip meant certain death, through constant blinding rain to try and locate a downed Stinson airliner.

While the official search continued hundreds of miles to the South, Bernard O’Reilly relentlessly followed his hunch. After a 2 day battle with the elements, he not only miraculously located the crashed Stinson but physically assisted in carrying out the 2 survivors.
This heroic epic is told in graphic docu-drama style with re-enactments people who were there in 1937 believed they were seeing film of the actual event.
This is a documentary that will stoke the fire of imagination in the most jaded viewer. Acclaimed within Australia, it gives overseas viewers their first unique glimpse of the tough, resilient and courageous breed of men on whom the Australian bush legends are based. 


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