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DVD By the Seats of their Paints

By the Seats of Their Pants

 An enthralling flight with the men and women of Australia’s aviation past and the spirit they share with the space pioneers of today.

 When pilot Dick Scobee blasted off aboard the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle, he took with him a unique piece of Australia’s aviation history: a rib from Bert Hinkler’s glider.

 As Dick’s widow June recounts, this same piece was miraculously recovered floating in the ocean amongst the Challenger debris.

 "By The Seats of their Pants" is a fascination look at Australia’s aviators. From pioneers such as Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, Charles Ulm, and Lores Bonney, through to the pilots of both World Wars and Vietnam, to the barnstorming antics of today’s airmen and women.

Experience the thrills of cattle mustering by helicopter in Australia’s wild outback, spectacular aerobatics in a rugged Pitt Special, the life-savi

A breathtaking view of Spitfires, F18’s, Boston Bombers, Zeros, Kittyhawks. Sopwith Camels, Iroquois Helicopters, Tiger Moths, Catalinas, the Challenger Space Shuttler and many more! This is a first hand account from the pilots who were, and still are, flying "by the seats of their pants".urs of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and low-level manoeuvers by cropduster endeavo

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